Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I've recently found it very amusing to post completely bizarre ads online to see what responses I get.
It never fails to suprise me when I get a response EVERY TIME!

Ad for "Chocolate Cake taster" - 1 response. I advertised that I wanted to be a professional chocolate cake taster. The response asked me if I was a pastry chef or a restaurant critic. Can't people read? I said that I just wanted to taste chocolate cake, minimal fees charged.

Ad for "Exorcist required for kitten" - 1 response (followed by a few mails thereafter). I had just adopted a new kitten and him being playful, I was covered in scratches and wasn't able to get much sleep. The response asked me for photos of the damage that he had caused and of the kitten. Apparently, "it is common that an animal's soul can be misplaced and be trapped in the body of another". Uh-huh.

Ad for "Stolen textbook. Someone please harass my sister until she gives it back" - 1 response. I advertised for someone to bug my sister at odd hours until she returned my textbook so that I can do my assignment. They just asked for her number. Hmmm, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no... oh what the hell. I'm kidding!!

Ad for "I want to be a dance instructor" - 2 responses. I just said that I'd had some experience in dancing and wanted to make it a profession (the market's bad at the mo, okay?). The response was a job that I did get (and lost due to a transport crises) and the other was a gym offering me a position to teach any kind of dancing that wouldn't kill fat people but would help them lose weight. Um, I can't teach any sort of weight loss anything, I'll vanish!

So, I'm thinking of something WAY out now. Like "wedding dresses made for gerbils"

Info on Chantall

Chantall and a chinese guy, Ming
Decided to have a short fling
So they did. It was fun.
But now it is done.
Oh well. Ta-dah. The end. Ping.

Some info on Diana

At midnight, alone she would creep
to beat people up "in her sleep"
She would hit with a spoon
By the light of the moon
Without making the tiniest peep.

Some info on Jarrod

Jarrod, who lived near the docks
Had a fetish for Jo'burger's socks
He'd grin in delight
At short socks so white
And use them to tie up his locks