Monday, December 12, 2011

Last post for the year

I won't be posting anything more until next year as I'll be too busy rushing around planning the last details of the wedding and then enjoying my break with Alan.

It's been such a great year and in the past few weeks, we've had some unexpected additions to our wedding guest list in the form of family I haven't seen in ages and I am so thrilled about it! It really makes our day perfect, even if things go wrong.

Next year is a year of hectic studying for me as I take on some of my second year psych subjects and am contemplating having a second major too. Plus we're planning a big move which is very exciting too.

I also plan to make a "blogging resolution" for next year: To not whinge too much. It annoys me. So here's to happy, interesting and crazy stories next year! Oh, and some wedding pics :)

To everyone out there: Have a safe and happy holiday and a prosperous and exciting new year full of the things that bring you fulfillment, happiness and a lust for life.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

What people do for love

It's amazing what people do for love. Whether it's making a total fool of yourself by making yourself look like you've escaped from a mental institution or spending all your life savings or crying your heart out in the middle of the mall, it's an emotion that drives people like no other.

I was thinking of this today because one of my friends is totally besotted with a guy who just doesn't seem to get it. She so desperately just wants to have a conversation with him that she's asking him question after question after question about cars because that is his interest. She doesn't own a car and she's not particularly keen to get one but she's now asking everyone to please tell her their car troubles so that she can ask him all about it so that he'll talk to her. It's hilarious and sweet and pathetic all at the same time :)

A few years ago I knew a couple who broke up and being determined to get her boyfriend back, the lady booked a hotel room, decorated it with rose petals and candles and chocolates and then dressed herself up in nothing but vines. They did get back together for a short while but she complained about being itchy and having a rash for ages afterwards from the vines!

I've done some silly things too from driving to people's houses at midnight in the rain and jumping over the gate in my heels and skirt and getting covered in mud, to swallowing my pride and telling someone how I feel regardless of my chances of being rejected, to promising to commit myself to someone for the rest of my life even though it was never in my plans.

My parents were a great example of love. After so much illness and other struggles, every birthday or Christmas card read "To my darling Elaine/Arthur" and was always signed off with "All my love" and lots of "xxxx" 's. Even their last words to each other were "I love you!" I find this to be very inspiring.

Christmas time, and now with the wedding too, also makes me feel like there's more love around generally and it's awesome and a really good reason to smile.

I am lucky in that my friends are people I can say "I love you!" to and I'm not met with completely blank stares or looks of horror. At least not anymore ;)

I think it's time for a random bout of text messages to people again saying "Somebody loves you!"