Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wedding plans thus far

With all the studies this year, I'm trying to plan as much of the wedding as far in advance as possible allowing for time to have back up plans should anything go wrong and then back-ups for my back-ups and also because I just won't have time to organise a wedding and do 9 modules and work and start dancing again and eat peanut-butter cups and tomato and basil pesto pizzas and chocolate soy milk. So, so far this is what I've done, please yell if you see anything blatantly amiss (or even subtly amiss):

Groom - Sorted :)
Venue - Booked
Theme and colours - Sorted
Decor ideas - Sorted
Flowers - Sorted
Wedding dress - Bought
Bridesmaids dresses - Bought
Shoes - Investigated
Guest gifts - Found
Suit for Al - Found
Shoes for Al - investigated
Hair and make-up - Booked
Photographer - 2 possible options
Videographer - Need to find
First dance - Still trying to get past doing the sprinkler and the one-legged hop but we're getting there.
Rings and jewellery - Found a jeweller to make all our jewellery
DJ - Sorted
Cake - Sorted
Catering - Organised
Honeymoon - Have ideas
Priest - Need to discuss
Legalities - Discussed
Flights for Capetonians in the bridal party - Too early to book
Investigated accommodation for overseas guests and Al's family and other Capetonians who may be coming.
Guest list - More or less finalised.
Wedding stationery - Investigated

That's all I've got so far. So exciting, cannot wait. Am I missing anything huge?