Monday, August 15, 2011

Off to Cape Town we went!

And now we're back again. I am having withdrawals today. It gets harder and harder to leave there every time I go. Not long and I won't have to sigh and wish for a little longer.

We almost didn't get there though as we seemed to have a few problems getting onto the plane to begin with.

We arrived at the airport 3 and a half hours early and checked in to get our bags out of the way. Being in an excitable and silly mood, I asked the lady when she was weighing Di and my bags together "Are we overweight?" and she said "No, you're fine!" to which I replied "And our bags?"
I then understood how Alan feels when people just look at him with that "You think you're so funny, don't you?!" look. I suspect she was having a bad day and this is where the trouble started.

When we finally needed to board, we went through security and Di was stopped for having some metal object in her bag. It turned out to be a layer of loose change but they had to check for ages to make sure she wasn't hiding any bombs or guns in her giant bag. This once again reinforces my personal handbag rule: Do not buy a handbag that is bigger than your head. But that's just me.

When we got through to the boarding gate, they stopped me because there was a problem with my ticket and I seemed to be sitting on somebody's lap. Luckily that somebody was moved as I'm really not partial to sitting on stranger's laps in a cramped aircraft for 2 hours, and I was let through and we got onto the plane and made it to Cape Town. Yay!!

Both Di and I see so badly and it's so much worse without our contact lenses but we both took ours out anyway and thought we'd just listen out for our friend, Nicola, who has a very distinct voice. Luckily Nix came charging at us the moment she saw us and we breathed a sigh of relief at not having to walk around squinting at everyone.

We had a fabulous time with our friends in Stellenbosch and then later that night at a club in Claremont for my bachelorette where I was dressed in a tiny white outfit with wings, a halo and a sash saying "Bride to be" and the THIGH HIGH WHITE STOCKINGS which Di found in Stellenbosch. Most of the ladies wore tiny, black or red dresses with devil horns and high heels. We certainly all stood out and we had a lot of fun and were all very sleepy the next day.

I absolutely cannot wait to go to Cape Town again. I notice how clean the air is, how my sinuses clear, how the traffic is a pleasure compared to Joburg and I love that feeling of feeling like I'm home when I'm there. Sigh!