Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Being a good person

It bugs me when people are fake. Not all people are fake, some are very very genuine and sincere but there are those who almost like do a Google search on "How to be a good person" or "How to be nice" and then apply those rules strictly in their lives. Yes, it's nice that they want to be nice but if they need step by step instructions to tell them what to do, doesn't that need some investigating?

So, I suppose I don't like fake nice people.

I took it upon myself yesterday to peruse one of these such textbooks for people getting married. It advised "...not to talk about your wedding too much to anyone because other people may find it upsetting." Upsetting? Really? People find wedding talk upsetting? Who are these people? Single people? Divorced people? Everyone? Perhaps constant wedding talk is enough to make other people want to shoot you but upsetting? I thought that people enjoy sharing in the joy of others. Perhaps this could be worded differently if said at all.

It made me wonder about the other advice out there too and so I read up on that too but got distracted when I saw a "How weird are you" test to which I scored "11% weird".

There is so much advice out there written by who knows who and who knows what they know so I've asked genuinely nice people what they think:

Q: What makes someone a nice person?
A: Empathy, love of animals, not smoking, be unselfish but not selfless, must love cake.

Q: How do you spot a fake nice person?
A: They say all the right things at the right time but when you're really in a crises, they let you down. They're often hypocritical. They genuinely seem to think that they're nice.

Q: How should you handle a fake nice person?
A: Just smile and nod but don't take anything that they say seriously because you will get hurt and if you do, don't take it personally.

I think that these are fabulous answers, especially the one about loving cake.

First attempt at writing vows

A while ago, I wrote an attempt at vows. It was more what I'd love to say but what I probably won't get to say as most priests/ministers object to anything not conventional or reasonably normal. Although mine are, in fact, based on traditional vows:

I'll love you when the sun comes up,
and you hold out your hand, for your coffee cup.

I'll love you when you're sick in bed,
And look so bad, with your nose so red.

I'll love you when you've spent all your money,
& I'll laugh at your jokes, as if they're so funny

I'll love you when you get old and flabby,
And arthritis has struck and you're always so crabby

I'll love you and will always think you're so hot
And I'll keep all others, in my blind spot

I'll love you when you're 103
And have no teeth or sanity

What I'm saying is that it's you I love most,
I'll love you 'till I die, and turn into a ghost.