Friday, January 14, 2011

Silence is not always golden

It is said that communication is the key to any successful relationship, be it with your partner, your friends, your boss or your dog.

In a day and age where communicating is easier than ever before, you'd think that we'd be communicating a whole lot more but alas, this is not always the case. My opinion is that not having to trek over to Tannie Marie's farm to go and say "Hey! How are you?" or handwriting that letter to your friend in the UK has made us lazy.

Nowadays, we just poke someone on Facebook if we want to say something. If you're on good terms, they'll poke you back.

Very occasionally do people actually make the effort of typing a personal email to others or writing a letter or sending a text. Usually, it's just a bunch of forwarded jokes or some soppy rubbish that says "Just because I never ever speak to you and never ever phone you and never ever email you and would probably not recognize you in public since it's been so long since I last saw you. it doesn't mean that we're not really, really good friends!" I'm sorry but I just don't buy it.

Surely the people that we love and care about are worth making the effort to keep in touch with on a more personal level? Surely it is not an obligation but rather a pleasure?
Although people do tend to get used to each other and take each other for granted, it is those little things, like a note or a quick call to say "How are you? I'm thinking about you!" or "The tax man called and said that the police are on their way to arrest you, just thought you should know," or "Get off the diningroom table!" etc that make or break any sort of relationship.

I always do my best to make contact with those people who mean something to me and it has meant that I am able to sustain friendships with people from far and wide for years and years.
I find it exciting to receive their emails or text messages and even write down the main points sometimes so that my reply to their points is thorough.

Communication is such a wonderful tool to connect and stay connected with people. Society in general would be better and far more productive if people just made a tiny bit of effort.

In closing:

When seldom a word there is spoken,
It lends for a bond to be broken.
For the words that we choose,
To uplift, not misuse,
Can stop all your friendships from croakin'.