Monday, February 28, 2011

Everyone has a pig in their life, mine just has 4 legs ;)

One of my friends is a vegetarian and is quite passionate about her vegetarianism. In fact, once she has converted the entire human population, she'll probably start on the wild lions too. It's all in the name of ethics and her objection to the way that animals are treated on production-farms.

We were in a discussion about her lack of pets yesterday and she hauled out her phone and showed us a picture of a tiny little pig with boots on. She said that maybe she would get a pig and put boots on it and take it around on her anti-meat campaign and say to people "How can you eat anything so cute?!" and so it was more for fun, than anything else, that I proceeded to have a quick look this morning online to find her such a piggy. I found one!

Unfortunately, this piggy appealed to me on such a deep level and now we're fetching her tonight and she is going to be added to our little zoo, which is now, really, closed.

She is a one year old miniature pot bellied piggy who is 35cm tall. She grew up with dogs and as a result, thinks that she too, is a dog. She's very cuddly and affectionate according to the lady that has to rehome her for relocation purposes.

I have been reading about how intelligent they are, how they can distinguish between different colours and can be so easily trained.

I have always thought that it would be nice to own a piggy or a cow or an elephant and I am very excited to go and fetch Miss Piggy Porkers and snuggle with her on the couch!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Laughing alone hardly depicts madness

Or at least, I hope not.

I often sit and think about things that have happened and I laugh and laugh and laugh until the tears are rolling down my face and there's nobody else around. I've found it to be better to do this alone as trying to explain what happened or how it looked or sounded in your head doesn't ever come out quite right and you sit looking like a real chop with tears rolling down your face and hardly able to speak from laughter over something seemingly normal.

Today I was sitting and laughing about some of my "escape phone calls" I've had when I would go on dates with new people.
These phone calls were meant to be a possible escape, should I need it.
Most women have these and most men know about them too. In fact, one guy even said to me, when hearing my phone ring, "Is that your "emergency" call?" to which I smiled and replied "Yes, it is." and answered.

What made my calls so funny were the people who phoned me. Never was it a case of "Are you ok? Is he weird? Do you need to run?", it was always a case of something so over the top that it was impossible not to burst out laughing. Now what sort of emergency prompts a person to burst out laughing?!

On one occasion, when I was on a terrible, terrible date with a scarily clingy guy, my cousin phoned me and did her all-too-familiar "HELP!!! FAMILY EMERGENCY!!!" scream into the phone and I packed out laughing and told the guy that I needed to leave as I had a family emergency. He looked very skeptical and said "Then why are you laughing?" to which all I could think of was to say "It's the shock."

One of the most difficult phone calls I've had to keep a straight face through was when one of my friends phoned me and pretended to be totally drunk to the point that he couldn't walk and needed me to carry him to his car!

Before I started with the phone calls, I'd get some of my friends to "spy" on me from a table nearby if I didn't know the guy very well.

This also had it's problems as they'd sit and make loud, hilarious comments or send me texts with comments about my dates taste in clothes or his bald spot or whatever.

One guy seemed to know a lot about women and their phone calls or "spies' and told me that I was welcome to bring my bodyguards and so I did just that, I brought 3 of my lovely female friends with me and we all had a date with him. He had a great sense of humour and he even invited us all for a second date :)

It's not meant to be nasty, it's meant for safety. If you go on a date with someone you don't know that well and it goes sour, you know that someone knows where you are, who you're with and will phone you to make sure you're ok.

I did this when I met Al too and he didn't even realise that we were being followed around by one of my friends. Maybe I should do it again with Alan, just for kicks and have someone phone me and tell me that something ludicrous has happened and that I need to leave right away. He'll probably look at me as if I've lost my marbles and I'll sit in absolute hysterics and will look like a chop.

When life gets boring, it's nice to do silly things so that you have something to laugh at later when life gets boring again.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sugar-coating it

This will make no sense to anybody but me I suspect and that's fine, I just feel like I have to get it out there.

I'd like some poly-filler or tile cement. Perhaps tile cement as we have some at home. I'll pile a whole lot on and leave it to dry for hours and hours. Then, when it's dry, I'll melt some marshmallows and put them on top. Then maybe melt some chocolate and then set it all in some jelly and then on top of that, I'll add something really sweet and hard, like toffee apples and then top it off with candy floss. That outta do it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I cheated on my Wedding dress and now I'm all confused

My Wedding dress and I were very happy together. We didn't see each other very often but when we did, it was always special. We just fitted so well together, like it was meant to be.

The only problem was that my Wedding dress was a little restricting.
After much thought, I had decided to get a reception dress to have the best of both worlds. Lots of people have these arrangements with their Wedding dresses and it works very well.

Unfortunately, my search for a suitable reception dress resulted in me finding a dress that surpassed my Wedding dress!
I didn't expect this to happen! I was totally loyal and loving of my Wedding dress and the thought didn't even enter my mind to find another but alas, it always seems to happen when you're not looking and now I'm all confused and just don't know which to choose!

Oh the dilemma!

Some may think badly of me but it could so easily happen to them too.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The two year mark

It was at 3:15am two years ago that my dad passed away. This year is very hard for me for some reason. I sat and sobbed to my mom on the phone last night and even smsed my sister to say that I was thinking of her.

Things have changed so much since he died and I wish so much that he was here to share in things and advise me on things.

He taught us so much and helped us to be so independent but it's still nice to have that person around that you know you can go to and ask about anything and they will help you and be there for you.

For a long while it made me scared to move far away because I didn't want to lose my mom and not get to say goodbye or lose out on time that could've been spent with her.
My dad died so unexpectedly that if I hadn't been there by chance, I would never have got to hold his hand and hug him and tell him that I loved him and said goodbye.

I've realised that a lot of this has perhaps stunted me and while I may move forward in things like my studies and my work and my relationships, I haven't felt like all of me was really carrying on. Like I was stuck at an emotional point and wasn't able to move on from there.

Last night I was thinking about my dad's clothes hanging in my cupboard, the last ones that he ever wore, unwashed, untouched but by my hanging them up, and wondered if it wasn't time to put them away somewhere safe and cry or scream or do whatever and just let it all go and move on. It feels almost like a betrayal, like letting it go and moving on from this would mean that I'm forgetting him and saying that he's not important but i know that it isn't the case.

I've been so on my guard since he died and people who hurt me get shoved aside because I can't take it and I am able to move on without remorse because the bigger hurt inside drowns all the petty ones.
At the same time, I've also discovered who my real friends are and who aren't.

I'm going to focus on what lies ahead, the happy things, the good things, the exciting things not just because he would want me to but because I know that even if he's not with me physically, he's still with me every step of the way.

Love you dad!