Sunday, March 3, 2013

A sum up of the past 6 months

The past 6 months have been extremely busy and eventful and have left me with little time for blogging. Time seems to fly so quickly and when I look back I realise how much things have changed since I've stopped to catch my breath. These are some of the highlights:

1. One of the highlights of the past 6 months for me has been my psychology studies. I did a module on abnormal psychology and in short it teaches us how to diagnose and recognise mental abnormalities. This is everything from severe mental disorders to personality disorders to substance abuse to childhood disorders. It was one of the most exciting and at the same time, one of the most sad things I have read about.
There have been people I've known for many, many years where I've known that something was not quite right but I didn't know what was wrong and after this module, I was able to understand their behaviour a lot better and felt more able to cope with how I react to their behaviour.

2. I don't write too much detail about my psychology modules because a. we are taught how to analyse things in context and b. how to critically evaluate things and not just read that if Timmy has a sore thumb and Timmy insists on eating chocolate ice-cream twice a week it must mean that Timmy is insane. So if you read a book on abnormal psychology don't run around and decide that every second person, yourself possibly included, has a major psychological problem. I'm just saying.

3. Sort of on the topic of abnormal psych but not quite, Pudding, our Husky pup, has bouts of severe anxiety and will be too scared to do things like climb the stairs and I end up picking up this 30kg dog like a cat and carrying her up the stairs. We always have a chat about it first though with her making her objections to being pressured to climb the stairs or at my picking her up. Eventually she either manages to work up the courage to run up the stairs or else she sits in front of me and gives a little jump when I bend down to pick her up. My arms have become significantly stronger from all of this and so I suppose that is the highlight of the story. I do enjoy the chats with Pud though, she's very entertaining. If you're someone who visits us, please do be warned that if anyone "pinches" your bum, it's not us, it's Puddy. She is obsessed with giving people, strangers in particular, a little nip on the bum. It's not sore but it is somewhat unnerving for those who think that it's us!

4. In other highlights, my best friend had a baby not so long ago and while I didn't get to spend more than a few hours with them before they emigrated to the Isle of Man, it was still fabulous to spend time with Bran and to meet little Isabelle considering that she'll be quite a few years older by the next time I manage to see her.

5. I met some lovely and some very interesting people recently. I seldom really connect deeply with people instantly but every now and then I do and I met two people that I've had that with in the past 6 months and while I won't see them very often, I'm so happy to have met them and will be sure to make the effort to stay in contact. Please note that interesting only means interesting in the true sense of the word at times with me. The rest of the time it means downright weird or awful. I only commented on the lovely people though as the interesting people weren't interesting enough to comment on if you know what I mean.

6. Joining dancing again. I haven't yet but I have found a suitable studio and will definitely be joining this month again. I cannot wait to get dance-fit again and meet some new people.

7. The decision to move. We are moving house as our neighbour, who is a bit old and grumpy, has decided that Pudding's conversations with Fatty and Gubbels and the children swimming in the pool next door, are not entertaining for her at all. Let this be a warning to anyone who thinks that Huskies are beautiful and cute, etc They are all of those things but they are not quiet. They don't bark but they do "talk" (look on Youtube if you don't know what I mean). While I love our home, it would be nicer for the dogs to have a bigger garden and it would help us if we had enough space for our furniture , which we don't now. We'll rent our current place out to tenants and then find somewhere to move to.

8. I have taken a big step in the right direction career-wise and have found a job at a psychology practice. I am most excited about this and cannot wait to learn all about how things are done and run in this sort of environment.

9. The smoke alarm is going off and nobody is running. How interesting.

10. One of my close friends in Cape Town became a mom with another one following close behind.

11. I have discovered the most amazing biscuits! They are called "Jaffa cakes" and they only stock them at one Spar that I've found. They are not cheap but they such amazing little pieces of yumminess that they are worth every penny. They're like a soft sponge with an orange filling covered by a dark chocolate top. Nom nom nom!

12. I have discovered skin anaesthetic. I needed to have some blood work done a few months ago to test for appendicitis and while most times I would just say "No way, you're not sticking any needles in me! Goodbye!" I knew that I'd have to have the test done in case it was serious.
I went to the pharmacist and explained my dilemma through my tears and I asked her for some herbal tranquilizers to calm myself down. It was then that she suggested that I buy this tiny tube of cream to numb my skin and that's exactly what I did and I felt...NOTHING! Like seriously, nothing! It does take an hour to kick in so if you're thinking of going that route, put it on before you even go to the Dr.