Friday, October 7, 2011

Jumping on the consumerism bandwagon. Sort of.

Yesterday I started a blog about my experiences thus far planning my wedding. Why? Because there are millions of women out there who will google something to do with planning their wedding and if you read everything there is out there, you too might start to find it overwhelming and even depressing at what is suggested to make a wedding day supposedly perfect.

I do not generally support consumerism. I'll say if I believe something is great and that I think people should know about it and I suppose yesterday I felt a little like a hypocrite with my new blog. I mean, I tried to keep it as close to personal experience and not just churn out whatever rubbish some wedding site told me to but it's hard not getting sucked into it sometimes. Real is always better than fake, experience better than theory and throwing some humour into something that has driven many women to turn into crazy tyrants is essential.

So, here is an open invite: If you're planning or have planned your own wedding and feel that you have some invaluable advice that you can share, mail me and I'll put it in the blog with your name on it. In the end, it's not about outdoing anyone else or keeping your wedding secrets to yourself, it's about helping your fellow human being who might be on a tight budget or be completely in the dark or not have helpful family or friends. I am so greatful for all the helpful advice and insight that I received from others who were willing to share tips with me that the least I can do is to pass it on to others.
Just if you're going to regurgitate something from some wedding website, don't bother, please.