Thursday, November 10, 2011

Punished for your existence

I am most annoyed. A while ago, a friend of mine attended an event where she knew nobody but Alan and her boyfriend. She was looking forward to going because she gets along well with Alan and they were bound to have fun.

During the course of the evening, the organiser and my friend were getting along well until the organiser asked her name and realised that she was a friend of mine and then things changed.
Later on, my friend got up to come and fetch Alan's housekeys in the parking lot from me and during that time, the event organiser jumped up from her seat and squeezed in between my friend's boyfriend and another guest. My friend returned only to find that there was not enough room at the table for her anymore and the organiser just looked at her and said "Sorry, I stole your chair" and left my friend to go and sit at a completely different table behind everyone by herself for half an hour. Talk about being a good hostess!

I have spoken to the organiser and if she reads this, I am making this very clear: I like you, you can be very nice but be mean to my friends one more time for no good reason and I won't be very nice back to you anymore! Just hold your nasty ways in, please when you're around people who don't deserve it or else you can get lost out of all of our lives because I don't want to put up with troublemakers!

Alan amiss

Last night and this morning was most distressing for me because Alan just didn't come home and his phone was off.

When you live in a country where people get hijacked and taken hostage or mugged or get hit by drunk drivers, a million things fly through your mind and panic starts to ensue very quickly.

His work colleagues, bosses, my friends, his friends, my family, his family and just about every other person we could rope in was helping to look for him.

I found him at home. He was fine, just very, very apologetic and tired-looking.

It's all fine now but please peoples out there, let someone know where you are if you go out by yourself in case the people who realise you're missing get half the world phoning hospitals, police stations and checking security footage of public places you like to go to. Not cool. But phew!!