Friday, April 1, 2011

On a different wave-length. May offend some - apologies

I wrote this quite a while back when I was having a particularly bad day and was finding my patience and curiosity wearing a little thin:

Are you vibrating at the right frequency? Are you able to see everyone around you? Even the people you shouldn't be able to see? Were you aware that the balloon hoaxes a while back were actually aliens and people were just trying to fool us all by telling us that they were balloons? Fools! How silly did they think we all are?!

I am here, on this planet, at my desk, on this third dimensional frequency to tell you, yes, you, that the world is changing. We are all going to become invisible and use telepathy instead of cell phones.

Now, if your kettle just broke, or your toaster, or you're getting a new phone for Christmas, then, well, your life is going to suck. You will have endless trouble with the new one. This is regardless of the manufacture date or the brand or the shop or your man-handling the product. It will suck because Mercury is moving backwards. Yes, backwards. It shifts gear sometime next week and you'd better be all stocked up on electrical appliances by then because you won't be able to buy a decent appliance until 4 January!

Now, please, tell me how to respond to this?! All I managed was "Thank you. That's something to think about."

I have never wanted to throw watermelons at somebody so badly! To clobber them on the head with a rolling pin and to send them to REHAB!!! Oh my soul, there's respecting people's beliefs but when you claim that they can be substantiated by hard evidence and the evidence turns out to be complete rubbish every time (I check...EVERY TIME), then you need to stand back and go "I am a loon and I need help!"