Monday, January 10, 2011

A pant-less generation

I'm not big into the clubbing scene. The music is often monotonous, the DJ drunk and annoying, the room filled with smoke or drunk people holding lit cigarettes way too close to my clothes or hair and people just shove you aside to get past you on the dance floor.
This weekend, however, a group of us girls decided to do a girls day and ended off by going to a club in Fourways. The dress code for women was like cocktail dresses which we happily donned as we seldom get to wear our more formal clothing in normal society.

As I mentioned, I don't frequent clubs on a regular basis and so I was somewhat surprised when I saw all these women with their long-ish tops stretched as far as they could go, some of them held in place with a belt, and that was it. The poor girls had forgotten their pants and nobody had bothered to actually say "Um, you forgot to put your pants on."

At one point, a piece of shattered glass from the floor managed to get into my shoe and I had to hop over to the edge of the dance floor and bend down to remove my shoe. I made the big mistake of looking straight ahead of me as I was crouching there and beheld many a buttock cheek protruding for any midget to see. You couldn't really see them when standing up but they were there alright, sticking out shamelessly. I felt violated.

I started thinking about younger women walking around the mall or the street, etc and it dawned on me that it really was just considered normal to wear your long top and no pants. Even the guys are exposing their bottoms by wearing their pants so low that they reveal their "cleavage" to everyone.

When I was a teenager, I used to walk around with my belly button exposed which is perhaps what they are doing in a sense but still, I don't want to see people's bums! It's gross! Things have gone from "I are wearing a pant" to "I are not wearing a pant" and I fear that soon it will be "What are a pant?"

If you read this and are a bum-exposer, please spare a thought for your fellow human being. Maybe your bum is awesome to your partner but it isn't to the rest of us. Just put some pants on!