Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday awesomeness

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a most fabulous birthday. Every birthday just seems to get better and better and it's all thanks to the special people in my life who choose to share it with me.

Thank you to Di and the Sutherlands and my mom and my wonderful, wonderful fiance for spending the day with me and making my day just so fantastic!

Thank you as well to the wonderful people who smsed me or sent me messages on FB, from the Howard-Brownes I haven't even met to my old friends from high school to my newer friends in Cape Town to Alan's cousin to some of my own first cousins I don't see very often. Thank you so much! Your little messages meant so much and really made my day!

I feel very lucky and truly blessed to know so many special people!

I finally got that ice-cream cake I've waited so long for complete with a little picture of lots of cartoon-ey people surrounding a birthday cake with the words "Eat me!" written beautifully in icing at the bottom :) Thank you, Al, my angel, for always trying to make my dreams come true, even if they're silly ones :)