Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Quest for a duck

This morning I stumbled upon the need for a duck. I already had the use of 4, thanks to Mel, but I needed one more. At this point I cannot divulge why I needed the ducks as it would result in me getting into trouble. I have found the duck and will be getting into trouble anyway but sometimes, you need to make these small sacrifices for the greater good. I am not keeping the ducks but they will be going to a very happy home where they will be kept as pets and never get eaten. So in essence, it's a helpful thing I'm doing; I'm helping Mel rehome her ducks, I'm helping a lady start her mini-farm and I'm helping myself by gaining something out of it. I will post on Monday to let you know what I got. I may be homeless and on the streets as punishment but I'm sure it'll only be for a week or two ;)