Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dancing in your sleep

Have you ever had those incredibly lively dreams where you wake up more tired than when you went to sleep? I have no idea what I dreamt last night barring that there was lots of music in the background all through my dream and it was loud and lively.

When I was little, I once woke up with my hands in the air and I distinctly remember that I'd been dreaming about doing ballet.
I also walked to my parents room on multiple occasions and woke up in the morning confused as to how I'd got there so I wouldn't be surprised if I was jumping around the room last night in my sleep.

Nothing, however, tops Alan. One night I woke up as he jumped out of bed and stormed out of the room. He then proceeded to walk into the room next door and dig through all our then unpacked boxes. He dug and dug and dug for ages and I wondered what he was looking for but left him.
Eventually the digging stopped and he didn't come back. I decided to get up and go and see what he was up to.
I found him sleeping on his 3/4 bed under the electric blanker that was just lying loosely on the bed. I leaned over and gently squeezed his arm and said "Al? Why are you here? What's wrong?" and he woke up very confused and didn't know how he got there.
He later told me how he'd once slept walked at his grandparents house and used their dustbin as a toilet to urinate! His grandmother realised what was happening and stood watching him and giggling as he lifted the lid of her dustbin and urinated in it and then courteously put the lid back down.

Hopefully we don't ever decide to sleep walk/dance/wee in the middle of the night when we have guests over for our wedding! ;)