Thursday, March 3, 2011

Treading lightly

This past weekend I spent virtually all day on Saturday and Sunday strolling through the mall shopping for things, one of them being decent, comfortable shoes.
Buying shoes is the bane of my existence as I have flat feet and most shoes really hurt my feet and I really would just prefer to walk around in socks with soft soles but alas, society frowns upon such things and so do my toes in winter and so I decided that I'd find super comfy shoes and it would be fine.

Now, had I known what I do now, I would've first bought the comfy shoes, put them on and continued doing my shopping. Instead I got sidetracked, shopped for other things, bought the shoes and wore them two days later. The shoes were comfy briefly but not being shoes for flat feet, they didn't help my cause and caused my feet to swell.

This little episode in the wrong shoes caused sever strain on my muscles and then my driving caused more stress on the foot but with the muscles unable to absorb the strain, the strain was on my bones.

I am awaiting the xray report but the dr was quite sure it was a stress fracture. If not, then a torn ligament or muscle.

With one of the rules of these injuries being to not expose the injured limb to the same sort of strain again, it has led me to the same conclusion that I had many, many years ago; I need to be chauffeured and carried around the mall until I find the right shoes.