Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why did I read that?

Oh dear! I blame my dear friend, Kristy for this. I discovered today that Kristykins has a blog and so I eagerly hopped on and read her posts and my day has been totally changed because of it! She mentioned "Creme brulee".

Two weeks ago, Nix was visiting us from Cape Town and we went to Carnival City where I had the most amazingly perfect Creme Brulee! The sugar was burnt to perfection on top and it wasn't too egg-ey and it was just phenomenal! Oh my word, how I feel like some now!

It is not fair to discuss amazing food whilst the majority of us are stuck at work with our soup and sandwiches and so for anyone I have caused to crave Creme Brulee, or soup and sandwiches for that matter, I apologise. Now go and tell the whole world all about how much you're dying for some and spread the torture :)