Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have decided that seeing as we're not living in the dark ages, I shall be joining Al in a speech at our wedding. Maybe this will make old ladies point and gasp and say that I should "know my place" blah blah blah, ja, ja, you should also tone down the purple in your hair but we all accept that you're a bit heavy on the gensen violet and move on.

So, I was wondering what exactly we'd say besides "Thank you" to so many people who have been such a help and inspiration to us. I have some rough thoughts and ideas but I haven't put them all together yet or edited them or deleted the not-so-great ones:

1. My sister said that Alan must've used just the right washing powder. If there's one thing I can say, it's that it doesn't matter how gorgeous a person is or how amazing their personality is, if they smell gross to me, it's a no-go. No stinkers allowed! This is a no-stink zone!
I once had a big crush on some dude years and years ago and when I gave him a hug one day, he smelt like rotten bacon. He was gorgeous and sweet and funny and...stinky. That was it, crush over! (I would not include most of this in the speech, just the bit about the washing powder)

2. Alan looks just beautiful ;) I'll have to find a way to say "Al, you look so hot!" or maybe, I'll just say that. I've only seen him in a suit once and he looked amazing. Can't wait to see him in one again!

3. When I met Al, I had to kick him out of my office after 3 hours because he just wouldn't leave :) I met him at work. He came to give me training on an aspect of the accounting software.

4. We say thanks to our parents for raising us to be such marvellous people ;). Actually, my mom is walking me down the aisle and plans to pass me to Al and say "There, my boy! I've had her for 31 years, take her and good luck!" :D

You see, this is where I get stuck. We say thank you, say some nice stuff about each other and then that's that? We don't want it to be too long-winded obviously but I don't want to leave anything necessary out. Am I? I'd do the whole speech in rhyme if possible but i think Al will think I'm mental if I suggest it.