Monday, July 18, 2011

Wedding nightmares!!!

I have heard of people freaking out about all sorts of things before a wedding and well, I haven't been. We still have some hiccups but nothing that we can't resolve in plenty of time. Well, I haven't been worrying consciously anyway but apparently, unconsciously, I have. (When I refer to "unconsciously" I mean it in the sense of sleeping and in the sense of my subconscious.)
I have been having wedding nightmares! They're all really silly actually and are quite funny when I think about them afterwards but in the actual dream, they're not funny at all.

The most vivid thus far has been about someone taking my makeup and hair accessories out of the bag with everyone Else's and my dress miraculously changing sizes and my shoes vanishing. I was begging one of my bridesmaids to please just let me use her comb and she just looked at me and said "No,it's my comb!I'm using it, you can't use it!" and so I ended up tying my hair in half a pony using my fingers to "brush" my hair, I donned some sort of little, white pumps and my over sized dress and skipped down the aisle by myself with Alan seated on a chair at the bottom of the aisle laughing at me.

I had a quick look online to see if I'm alone as my friends also going through the wedding planning experience for their weddings coming up shortly, are not experiencing these things. I found that I was far from alone and most of them are very, very funny:

"In my dream, we'd just arrived at the church when we realized that I had nothing to wear for the ceremony. Just as I was about to have to walk down the aisle in my undergarments, my mom declared, 'Wait! I'll make you one!' So she ran to the bathroom and got several rolls of toilet paper. In a matter of seconds, she had fashioned a dress together out of it. So I got married in my toilet paper dress, and my dream had a happy ending!"

"I had a dream that I was about to walk down the aisle with my father when another girl shot out right in front of me and started walking down the aisle. Everyone stood up and burst into smiles as the girl walked toward my fiance. My fiance then took her hand and the ceremony began. I just stood at the back of the church with my father and watched it all happen!"

"I'd dream that I wasn't at the wedding; that my fiancee wasn't at the wedding; I was stuck on a plane; I was a werewolf; I was a vampire; that I wasn't suitable and her parents hated me; that all my family showed up (that was the worst one)."

One post had a comment that suggested reading travel magazines before bed. I have a few really nice looking ones so maybe I'll try that after I've had some chai tea and have ensured that my supper is tartrazine and sugar-free!