Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More random ramblings - rock buns, freaking out and invites

A few years ago there was a baking accident. It wasn't my baking accident but I was witness to it. I think they were some sort of cheese scones or something similar and so they were dubbed "Rock buns" and the baker was advised to donate them to the traffic department as roadworks barriers. I only thought about this today because I was wondering why we needed nerves in our teeth besides to prevent damage. I'd rather have a tiny alarm in my teeth instead of nerves to be honest.

I can't remember the recipe that was used to make these memorable rock buns but should you wish to duplicate this, I think just halve your liquid amount, increase your flour amount by about a third and bake for an extra 20 minutes.

Another thing related to baked goods that were used for other purposes was Christmas cake. I can't remember why exactly it wasn't eaten but it fell on the floor or it was stale or something was wrong. I think it was very dry. Anyway, so on a hot evening when some rowdy students were being extra rowdy, a friend and I wet this Christmas cake and took chunks of it and rolled it into soggy balls to throw at the noise makers who were keeping everyone awake at all hours.

One of my friend's neighbours complained about the same thing and so we walked over to their apartment and offered them some soggy Christmas cake balls to throw at the passing students. The neighbours didn't throw the cake balls, instead they ate them! They ate the soggy cake balls that had been rolled with dirty hands and they said that they were delicious! We couldn't bare to tell them why we would never have eaten them. It was terrible but funny at the same time.

My one bridesmaid is totally freaking out at her plans for my bachelorette party. I'm not sure why, it's most peculiar, but she's wound herself up so tightly about it that I think we might need to tranquilize her on the night with a tranq. gun.

I have my sample wedding invite here with me today and I can't stop looking at it. Sigh! So stunning! This was done by my other bridesmaid, Melissa. Mel is so super artistic and creative and she came up with most of the idea for the invite and she's cutting and gluing and designing all sorts for them and I've basically just said "Over the weekend, you just tell us what to stick or cut where and we'll do it." It is most exciting and once again, I'm very lucky to have such a talented friend!

That's all. This post isn't really anything mind blowing but it is my random ramblings and occasionally I need to live up to the blogs name and do just that, ramble randomly. :)