Monday, November 21, 2011

The little things

Who would've thought that planning a wedding would prove who your friends are and are not, who you can rely on and who not and who is jealous and bitter and who not?

Sometimes I feel like I live in a soap opera and that vanishing somewhere else, alone with Al where nobody else knows us, will be the only way to put an end to the drama. I have taken it a lot better than usual because I am excited for us to get married and start our new life together but it shouldn't be that the excitement helps to dilute the frustration and hurt and anger, they should not be there in the vast quantities that they are already.

Things going wrong like a lack of flowers or my dress being too small or the venue wanting to change the part of the venue we use despite our contract I can handle. I can change the type of flowers, have the dress altered and fight with the venue.
But when people who are or are not involved in our wedding just cause trouble to cause trouble, it is not right. While I can ignore them or ask them not to, I cannot control how they choose to behave and it is frustrating.

What bugs me is that it's so completely unnecessary but for whatever reason, causing as much trouble and stress as possible is paramount on their agenda.
I am being nice and friendly and even apologetic for their behaviour toward me (have you ever!) and other people and yet they persist. I have had enough! If it was their day, I would never try and ruin the experience for them and cause as much trouble as possible but perhaps there is some underlying jealousy and bitterness. I hope it blows over or they immigrate or something really soon!