Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winter Waddling

By the time the warm weather actually reappears, I am so tired of feeling heavy and walking super slowly with the tiniest steps imaginable. Why would winter make me feel heavy and walk slowly? Well, because of the many, many layers that I need to wear to, not keep warm, but be warm enough to function properly.

I've always been someone who gets cold very easily due to not having "much insulation", as it's been put, and so, you have to do what you have to do to add on the insulation!

If you're also prone to freezing your bum off more than most, perhaps you have a better suggestion to keep warm than mine? These are the extremes I go to:

- I wear multiple pairs of pants (today I'm wearing two pairs) and multiple tops and multiple jerseys and then one or two jackets. Sometimes I even wear two pairs of socks. All of this all at once.

- I get dressed over my Pj's. This is multiple layers too I suppose except they're already warm from being on you and being in your warm bed.

- I sit on my hands for every moment that they're not in use. This results in lots of pins and needles and redness but in the end, my hands warm up and my bum cheeks get quite toastey too.

- I do the actions for "twinkle twinkle little star". This doesn't do much except hurt the daylights out of my fingers. It is a good gauge, however, to see how cold you actually are. I'll call it the "twinkle twinkle little star frozen finger gauge." So original.

- I carry a dog upstairs and then lie in bed and force the dog to snuggle. This has worked previously but it really does depend on the dog's mood, what it's eaten and how cold the dog is. The sausage dog usually is more than willing to snuggle. All you have to do is dodge having your face licked and keep your mouth closed at all times.

I am now going to have scones and strawberry jam and cream and so that will be the end of this post. Ta-dah! The end!