Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She feels like she's dying

Poor Di. She feels like she's dying. She made all sorts of threats and statements to us here at work in case she dies. She has a bit of a stomach bug but I suppose your stomach feeling grotty can make you feel so awful that death may seem like a good "out".

So, Di has no official will or statement of what she wants or what she wants given, etc, that I know of, or what should happen should she suddenly die and so this here, all these bits of info I've gathered from our 5 minute chat, is the closest to that:

- Liam has to hug her corpse. In return, there will be lots of hot women and alcohol for him to comfort said hot women with. They will/must be crying at all times.
- There must be lots of dogs and they must howl in sadness.
- Wiggy must be a paul bearer and she must get a big piece of cake.

That's about all. Some people are all about the simple pleasures in lif...er, death I suppose.

If Di dies, I'll be shocked. It's just a tummy bug, Di the pie, you'll be ok. Lie on the couch and go to sleep, I'll answer the phones :)