Monday, September 13, 2010

Genuine random ramblings that ramble randomly

I have a few major thoughts running through my head lately that eventually warrant me blurting them out to either a. myself in my car which could 1. cause an accident, 2. cause people to stare at me as if I have lost it or 3. no, that's all I had OR b. blurt it all out on here.

The first being that I seem to walk into work situations where things are a royal mess and I have to fathom what in the name of macaroni some dude before me was smoking to make him do these bizarre things. I feel like "The fixer". I'm used to it but I'd like prefer to be like "The keepingeverythingrunningsmoothly-er". I'd like to hire someone to kick those that came before me. Hiring of violent people is a good and healthy alternative to being violent yourself.

The second being that people in Gauteng suck. They suck because it's all about money and popularity and cosmetics. It's shallow and pretentious and people everywhere compete with you for stupid things, sometimes without you even knowing it.
For example, let's say you're a lawyer from Cape Town and the guy who sells ice-cream from his bicycle will brag to everyone else that the tread on his bicycle tyres lasted longer than the tread on your Toyota. Um, who cares! The chances are that you didn't even know there was a bicycle vs car tyre tread competition.

The second being inspired by the General Manager being in tears this morning because of some dude who uses her for information and leaves her feeling hurt and unwanted. It's not a guy/girl thing as much as it's a people thing. It's ruthlessly grabbing what you can and taking everything you can get and walking away and not looking back at what you've left behind. It grinds me.

The third is lists of qualities that people must have in order to be the "perfect girlfriend/boyfriend". What is that? How cold and unemotional!
Relationships are seldom based on logic alone and those that are are usually doomed for disaster.

Perhaps to a degree like "male, heterosexual, intelligent, etc" is fine but "Must collect comic books" and "must like to catch darting daggers in the summer rain" is a little extreme. But good luck to those to stick to such rigid requirements. Those people should probably not breed anyway.

The fourth is whether to wear shorts and a strappy top to work. We can wear whatever we like and I have my own office and don't leave it much but I'm not sure if even the blistering heat will allow me to get away with that.

The fifth is whether I should dye my hair blonde or leave it to grow out and stop dying it brown. I have an issue with having blonde hair and it makes me paranoid when people, especially men, bug me to dye it blonde.

The sixth is how I blog about really random stuff now and don't sit and give it thought and find pretty ways to word it all.

The seventh is that my friend had a lot of guts to go running down the road at 3am naked and jump into the hospital swimming pool while the lights were on.

I have work to do. Shalom.