Thursday, August 20, 2009

And the answer is...

This is inspired by that "Ask Google thing". It's pretty much the same, except, it's questions I'd really like the answers to.

I decided to go with the second result for every question. If that doesn't work, I'll go with the third.

Q: Where is my shoe?
A: Apparently not even Google knows as it just asks me where It's shoe is too. Gives a brief description. Nothing like my shoe. Oh well.

Q: How am I meant to remember all these tiny details?
A:By working on as many kits as I like at one time. Er...

Q: I feel like something yummy, but what?
A: Like an uncool schoolkid. Oooh, canabilism. That's something new to try. I think I'll pass.

O.k, the girly questions:

Q: Will I ever find someone normal to date?
A: "The only reason you would find a date would be for sex." I don't like Google very much.

Q: Will it be good sex at least?
A: "I think magic could get me sex and love, or at least the illusion" Why Google you @*~!!

Q: I don't want to get married. That's normal, right?
A: "Maybe you enjoy being free or haven't found the right person for what you desire"

Q: What exactly do I desire from the supposed right person?
A: "To take hold or steal your heart" Oh vomit!

Normal questions:

Q: Will I be succesful?
A:"You will be successful in 5 years" I have to wait for 5 years???!!

Q: Where will I live?
A:"If you have completed 30 hours of credit, you will be required to live on campus. Otherwise with your parents" I assume this is before I become successful?

About my friends:

Q: Will Diana become a supermodel?
A: "To become a supermodel, one must be on all the covers, all over the world at the same time." Um, well, she should get naked and run through the streets, right? That'll get her publicity!

Q: Will Chantall really marry Gawie?
A: "Intention has to do with the will and the making of a choice"
I think this means that she'd have to get him to put her in his will by choice.

Q: Will Jarrod ever wake up to find that him and Tess have swapped bodies?
A: "But we really have to turn up the radio volume". This one is open for interpretation.

Q: Who will Gabs end up skinny dipping with? Jessica or Aldi?
A: "He'll need a ton of mayo and some cheetos with that" O.k, a bit too much info there.