Monday, August 17, 2009

Kittens for free!!

Two, er, adorable, rather active and, well um, pre-domesticated yet potty trained kittens looking for a good home.

New owner should ideally not have children, not be able to have children and really want children who propose a challenge.

Owner should perhaps have an obsession with gardening or dish washing or even ride a motor cycle.
As the proud, new owner of these two delightful so-and-s...,er kitties, you can expect random games of 'It's fun to re-arrange the bedroom furniture at 3am while I yowl obsceneties at you because I am the little furry genius who ran under your bed and am now too bloody terrified to move!"
Please note, your gardening, dish washing or motor cycle riding obsession will come in handy here. i.e:wear gloves.

Next, you get to re-live your naughty childhood days by jumping on your bed at 3am. In this game, which follows 'it's fun to re-arrange the bedroom furniture at 3am...', you get to shout obsceneties back at your new adorable kitten.
Please try to be as conscientious of your neighbors as possible during these games.

And finally, if having demonic children is a dream of yours, cute and furry Satan and Madam are waiting anxiously, one under the bed and the other under the table, to meet you.
If you can catch them, you can have them!

P.s: if you DO have a dish washing obsession, let me know.

Inspirational moments???

My boss passed away yesterday. It was a very sombre day at work today. The mood was contagious and we all left for home on a rather low note.

Generally, when people you know die, even people you didn't know that well, it gets you thinking.
Well, it got me thinking. You know, about stuff. Stuff like fighting with your family for insanely stupid things or not following your dream or passion because it's too hard or it doesn't pay well or the circumstances aren't quite ideal.

I suddenly grabbed my phone and typed an sms saying "Somebody loves you!" and sent it to a few of my friends. I'm not sure if it was the strawberries, the slab of chocolate or my bath water being too hot that made me think they would just get it, but the few responses weren't quite what I was expecting.

I got some smiley faces and a reciprocal message, a laughing face and a reciprocal message and then, I got a missed call from a number that I didn't recognise. I phoned it back to hear the voice of my friend, Kerry.
Kerry's phone had been stolen a while ago and although she had managed to have her number reinstated, she didn't have all the numbers she had had.

It turned out that she had used her brother's phone to phone me to find out which nutter had sent her this weird and random message. It was somewhat entertaining.

I think the people who didn't reply thought I was drinking.

Flat mate dilemmas

There once was a problem called Vicky,
who came in the form of a chicky.
She caused such despair,
that I lost chunks of hair,
& afterwards things became sticky.

The things that she would mount on the wall,
would SO make a sane person's skin crawl.
The whole look was tacky,
and made her look whackey.
It very nearly came to a brawl.

But now it is pretty and quiet,
after nearly having a riot.
I will say, with no smile,
for the next long-ish while,
I *will* be on a flat-mate diet.

One of the almost-worst movies ever!

"Across the universe" is a bad movie. When I say it's bad, I mean, it's REALLY bad. In fact, it's so bad that I would not recommend you watch it unless you have been drinking and have taken too many flu capsules and have someone sitting in the way of the screen and you fall asleep about a minute into it. Only then does it have potential.

For those who think "Oh I wish I could've been alive in the 60's and done all that crazy hippy stuff", um, no, you don't.

No amount of coffee or chips or grapefruit juice laced with dishwashing liquid could make this movie any better.

I fell asleep now and then but even sleep could not hold me in it's peacful arm's for long before blasted "Across the universe" bellowed yet another Beatles song and had me in it's evil clutches again.

Go on, hire it. Satisfy your curiosity, but I warn you, your dreams will be a little too weird afterwards.