Monday, February 27, 2012

The miraculous return of the Sausage

On Tuesday last week, I arrived home to find Gub, my sausage dog, missing. Naturally I ran all over the complex calling and up and down the road and then we drove around a fair bit and called and eventually we had to come home where I sat and cried for 2 hours and then went to bed.

The next day I woke up determined to find my puppy. I phoned the SPCA and the nearby vets and made posters for him, which my friend, Mel, helped me to erect on trees and stop signs, etc.

I had just about given up when the SPCA told me that a tan sausage had been handed in on the Thursday morning. I rushed over there first thing on Saturday morning convinced it would be my precious little sausage dog only to discover that it wasn't. I was ready to fall to pieces all over again.

I made a decision that I needed to find Fatty a buddy because she was so lonely and pining too terribly and then if Gub came back, we'd just have 3 dogs. As I was driving around looking for a suitable puppy, Mel phoned me telling me that she thinks she'd found Gub.

Gub had been let out by the garden service and had then been let out of the main gate and, being scared of the thunder, had run to a nearby house where there were other dogs. The owner of the house had taken him inside and in that time period, Melissa's dad had gone to visit this man, unaware of any missing sausage. The owner of the house had then taken Gub with him to a pub, seeing as his dogs wanted to kill Gub, and had left him with the bar owners.

Gub hung out at the pub for a few days sleeping on a blanket and befriending all the patrons until a waitress decided that she was going to take him home to the next town.

Mel then went to visit her parents on Saturday morning and told them how Gub was missing and her dad piped up and said that he knew where Gub was! He phoned his friend who phoned the pub who gave the number of the waitress out and so Mel phoned me and we phoned the waitress and jumped in the car and drove to fetch him!

I was so very relieved to have Gub back as was Fatty!

The back gate has since been secured closed and locked and we've decided to rather get a gardener in and pay him than use the complex garden service as they almost cost us our mini-woof!