Friday, October 28, 2011


I have thought of many, many things to blog about in the past week but alas, between work and the wedding in 7 weeks, I have been keeping most busy.

This week has been full of deadlines, appointments for wedding stuff or making appointments for other people's wedding stuff, dancing ideas, dancing practice, sleep deprivation and playing with the dogs.

Last night Al and I went outside and were practicing some of our salsa moves, not yet putting them into a definite sequence, when a Parktown prawn... hang on, unless you're from Joburg, you won't know what I'm talking about. Let me show you a pic of one:

So this disgusting creature, who spews out black liquid at you when it feels threatened, can either jump or fly and it did so onto my hip. I flicked it off and it's evil face hurt my fingers! Then we carried on and it hopped onto Alan's calf and he too flicked it off. The dogs then came running and the sausage dog gently picked it up and carried it around in his mouth as if it was his pet. Very strange.

This after a HUGE spider hid under our microwave and it took 3 of us to get it out. Diana trapped it under the bowl, Alan slid the bowl onto a giant book, Diana took it outside and screamed as she was about to release it but didn't, Alan took the bowl and threw it into the neighboring complex. Yes, that was 2 people and I did say it took all 3 of us; I cheered them on. See? 3 of us!

A guy at work left his spilled oats to ferment in the microwave and I didn't notice it until I started heating up my food. The food tasted fine but later on, I had the taste of fermented oats in my mouth and it was causing me to burp fermented oats burps. I was not happy. The man at the chemist told me that it was in my head but I insisted that it was in my stomach. It did go over eventually and I was most relieved not to feel so gross anymore.

I also had a very funny memory of my dad and I watching a movie but it sort of warrants a post on it's own which will have to wait for Tuesday as the deadlines are not over yet.

Have a fantastic weekend! Sleep in for me, will you? I just don't have the time!