Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The duck

A while ago I went into a toy shop with Di who is mad about plush toys. I think that they're nice but it's very seldom that I actually see a plush toy that I think "Oh wow! That is so beautiful/cute! I'd really love to have it and shove it at the top of my cupboard so that Fatty doesn't get it" but then I saw this duck. He was a big, fluffy duck with sad eyes and the cutest little fat stomach. He wasn't cheap though and I have more important priorities than buying myself a duck but I'd go back every time we went passed the shop and just go and look at the duck.

Last night, Al came home late from work. It turned out that he wasn't working late at all. When he came home, he handed me a big packet and inside the packet was the duck! Not just the duck but a very happy looking hippo too. So cute! He thought the hippo looked a little like Fatty and so he bought it :)

Fatty was so excited by the arrival of these giant teddies and I had to ensure that she knew that they were mine and not hers this time. I sternly said "Only kisses, Fatty! No biting!" and so she gave the duck a lick and very gently tried to pry it away from me. I had to go upstairs and find her own teddy and then she was happy.

Ways to deal with breakups

I recently found out about a breakup that had happened in July. The situation was very similar to a breakup I had many years ago and this led me to think of the ways I went about dealing with my sadness and anger.

The first thing I did was to change my routine so that I was doing something different and it wasn't the same things I did with that person which would make me dwell on it and make me sad so no, routine had to go.

I started going to watch movies once a week on a Saturday afternoon by myself. I just liked going alone because I could watch what I wanted to (no romance or mushy anything movies) until I felt better and then I could go back to compromising to watch what other people also wanted to watch.

So the one Saturday afternoon, I was having a particularly bad day and was feeling very miserable and grumpy and so my dad asked if I'd mind if he came with me. I was hesitant because what if I wanted to watch heads being chopped off and he didn't but I agreed anyway.

Arriving at the cinema, there were only 3 choices: Heads being chopped off, mushy-mushy stuff or a Football movie. My dad asked what I wanted to watch and so I chose the Football movie thinking "Ok, well, there's no way it can make me feel worse nor can it freak me out."

What we didn't realise was that more than half the movie was in Spanish with tiny English subtitles. I sat watching the movie trying to read the subtitles to understand what was happening but they were too small and soon I gave up and just stared at the screen wondering what in the name of macaroni was going on.

My dad seem completely engrossed. He stared intensely at the screen. At least he was enjoying it.

About 20 minutes in, he leaned over and whispered "Aud, can you see the subtitles?"
and I whispered back, "No. Can you?" "No" he said. Then a 2 minute pause, "Aud, do you know what's going on?" "Not a clue." I responded. "Do you?" I asked. "No." he said and so we watched this movie in complete confusion until the language changed to English and by that time, we were so lost, it was way too late.

It certainly kept my mind off of things and it was very funny sitting there totally clueless together :D