Monday, May 16, 2011

It sounded like a duck

So I have a pile of papers here on my desk that I need to sort out or file or throw out of the window or whatever and as I was signing in, these here papers were pushing down on the shift key and caused my pc to make a sort of quacking sound. It was weird.

Anyway, the rest of this has nothing to do with the quacking but perhaps much to do with "Quacks" and also with weddings.

I have been eating, sleeping and breathing my psychology material and applying every bit of it to my everyday life and it's starting to feel more ingrained, which is the whole idea.

Alan laughs at me when I tell him this is why so-and-so behaves the way they do and what could be done to help or improve the situation. I can't wait to get into it on a deeper level next year. It's lovely too how people are a whole lot more transparent now or at least, that a name and a reason can be assigned to their behaviour.

With regards to the wedding stuff, there are too many people on our wedding list and we now sit at a point where we don't know who to cut. I've cut off all of the people we're not close to or don't affiliate with much or just outright don't like and the problem is that now we genuinely want every single person on our list to be in attendance.

So we're on a budget and we have to keep our numbers to what is within the budget. The problem is, how do we decide who to boot and who to keep? Do we put names in a hat? Do we get all the guests to undergo a gruelling task? "You must run through our garden and around the washingline 4 times without being jumped on once by the big dog and licked once by the little dog" That would be a rather difficult task indeed and we may end up with nobody there! :)

I am getting more and more excited by the day and have even created an email address for when I am married :) So silly but so much fun :)