Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life lessons, interesting chats and ridiculous concerns

I think about a lot a lot. It helps to write it down so that I can either find the answer or to stop thinking about it. I hate obsessing over rubbish but I often don't remember what I was obsessing about when I'm ready to write it down until I have nowhere to write it down and then I remember. So, this post could change over time.

Concerns - What if I get so freaked out walking down the aisle with everyone staring at me that I vomit? Worse yet, what if I vomit on someone? Even worse, what if I vomit on someone importantly important? Ja, I know, so silly. No doubt about whether or not I'm marrying the right person (I know I am marrying the right person), it's all about vomiting. Lovely.

Life lesson - Pigs battle to climb up and down stairs as their trotters are like high heels and so if they need to pee, they may go on the stairs. This does not mean that women, or anyone wearing heels for that matter, should ever pee on the stairs.

Interesting chats - Someone I know mailed me yesterday to say how happy he is to have remembered who he is. I suppose we all forget sometimes. Some because they got lost in the humdrum of everyday life and some because they took drugs and took the wrong train and got hit on the head.

Concern - What if I suck more doing "the sprinkler" than Al would doing Salsa? I'm not very good with my elbows, they haven't been used in many of my dance moves.

Life lesson - Eating a secret stash of sweeties where you keep your scissors is going to get you caught when other people ask to borrow them and then kindly just put them back once they're done.

Interesting chats - I had a chat to someone recently about positive self-reinforcement. They need a CD where someone tells them how awesome they are. Applicants with a deeper female voice are preferable. This could be a fun CD to make and I would but my voice is high pitched and squeaky.

Concern - What if person sitting over there never actually goes on the date with person sitting over there there? He is rather peculiar and she is rather sensitive which may not be the best combo but he's said something now so...

Life lesson - Don't leave a pig and the domestic worker alone together when the pig is on heat. The pig will chase the domestic worker all over the garden while she runs screaming in terror.

Interesting chats - O.k, well, more stuff I read about. I love to read about stuff and then tell people about it. Nobody actually listens but I tell them anyway. So I read stuff about how people's bodies synthesize alcohol and about what happens when your fiance becomes a Dutch citizen before you get married and tutorials on taking photos with a decent camera and about how people complain about UNISA's modules.

Life lessons - Mosquitoes are attracted to feet. If there is a colony of mosquitoes living in your sock drawer, you need to question whether or not your socks are actually being washed or just shoved back in.

Interesting chats - I had a chat with someone about lucid dreaming and certain theories that it is possible to manipulate your dreams while in this state. Very interesting but a bit "out there". It turned out that neither of us know enough to really explore the topic and so we gave up fumbling around in the dark together.

Life lessons - People are scared of pigs. I'm scared someone will eat the piggy if we give it to the wrong person.

Interesting chats - After telling everyone that we are having a naked wedding (not really), our MC mailed me and was all for it and asked if he could assess the guests beforehand in lingerie. I agreed. So far, nobody has offered any pics. Strange that ;) What's even more strange is that nobody has even objected to attending a wedding in the buff! A little worrying actually...

The Zoo

I absolutely love animals. Not like one of those fake people who just love the idea of loving animals who own a dog and pat it on the head on the way inside and that's all the attention it gets or one of those people who could just not bear to have an animal but they love them anyway, nope, I genuinely love my animals and them me.

My fiance, Alan, finds this a little bit much at times and should I eye out any kitty or puppy, he looks and me and sternly says "No, babe! The zoo is closed!"

Our zoo consists of 4 cats, 2 dogs and a piggy. The piggy will be off to a new home soon though as leaving her unsupervised with the dogs isn't a great idea but we'll have full visiting rights.

It is perhaps strange that I have never written much about my animals before as they are such an integral part of my life and each one has their own unique and often amusing personality.

The 4 cats consist of Bean, Sprout, Mo(hammed) and Katastrofes. All of them exceptionally loving and sweet but some stand out a little more.

Sprout, for example, is on life number 6. Not the brightest kitty, she's trapped herself in a roller garage door, on a barbed-wire fence, dived into Alan's bowl of ice-cream (and my face a week later) and is generally just very accident prone. She's always incredibly happy though and you'd swear that she's had the easiest life ever.

Katastrofes is a ventriloquist. She is the only cat I've ever seen who is able to meow with her mouth completely closed.

Mo is the only male cat and the youngest of them. Mo is extremely clever and when he was very little, I decided to see if I could train him to do something interesting. Mo now jumps into the empty bath (although he didn't always check first when he was younger) and reaches up to the side of the bath and pulls the plug down into the bath for me to put in the hole (he's only accomplished putting it into the hole 2 or 3 times himself) and give him water. He also lets us bath him in warm water and loves to play with the dogs. Mo unfortunately only has between 2 and 5 months to live due to cat leukemia but we are doing everything we can to keep him happy and make him comfortable.

My two dogs are very attached to me and me to them and they even sleep with me in my bed, often hogging the blankets and sharing my pillow and snoring little doggy snores (or LOUD doggy snores) in my ear.

Fatty is a chow-cross and is as naughty as they come. She loves everyone and everything and is ready to play with any potential burglars. Having grown up with cats, she believes with all her doggy heart that she too is a kitty and she shows this by clearing our dining room table, lying on top of the couch back rest and clouting the cats, pig and other dog, with her big paws.

Gubbels is a sausage dog. Not a mini, a normal size sausage. This dog has an endless supply of "kisses" for anyone and is exceptionally possessive of Al and I and will do whatever it takes to sit on our laps, even if Fatty or the cats are there already.

These animals are my furry children and I love them with every fibre of my being and I just wanted to share a little bit of the joy that they bring to me every day :)

The blasted wedding dress dilemma

I have a folder on my pc which I have aptly named "the blasted dress dilemma" and inside, there are numerous pictures of different dress styles.

I had my wedding dress and I was all happy and stuff until I tried it on again a while ago and suddenly, I felt too much like a cream puff.

My mom agreed to make my dress and all I have to do is decide which style I want. Easy enough, right? Well, not really. You see, when you dance or have danced, you look at dresses a little differently. Is there room for movement? Will I trip and fall over it and land flat on my face? Will I flash all the guests, etc Add "I don't want to look like a cream puff nor do I want to look like a skank" to the list and well, it leaves you a little stuck.

I've asked for help from numerous people to no avail barring one of my friends from overseas and Alan himself who is very keen to tell me what he thinks "would look super hot" and even then, I'm rather perplexed.
Usually my complaint is that I can't find what's in my head but this time, I don't have anything in my head to begin with ;)