Friday, September 23, 2011

Family resemblance

A photographer came here last week and took photos of all of us here at work. I am not photogenic, the photos of me publicly on display are usually the ones I don't look bad in but the majority of photos taken of me are not shown to people.

Years ago, people used to look at me with my blonde hair and immediately know that I was my mom's daughter. If my cousin Melanie was with us, they'd think she was my sister and Leslie, my sister, our cousin.

Years later I don't look as much like them as I used to but when I saw some of these photos, I was shocked. I looked just like my mom when she was younger and in one shot, I look just like Melanie with dark hair!

One day Melanie found a picture of her mom and my mom when they were teenagers and we stared at it in confusion wondering when the photo of us was taken, the resemblance was so strong.

I suppose hairdye only does so much.