Monday, June 20, 2011


I spent almost all my study time studying for my psychology exam and severely neglected the other 3.

After my psych exam was done, I ended up with huge work deadlines, issues at home to sort out and numerous other things which I just couldn't put aside.

It hit me that perhaps I had bitten off more than I could chew trying to study 4 modules part-time with various other demands that I could not ignore. It was too late to change anything though and so I made the most of the situation and ended up studying the day/night before each exam.

I expected to do so badly, or even fail, my 3 modules and so far, I've only received my one result back and I passed! I passed with 60% which is hardly fantastic but I am so thrilled and relieved to have passed with the required mark for post-grad studies later on which are essential to my qualification! I am so relieved that I had to share it.

Now hopefully the other modules are ok and I get through them too. I shall be taking on more bite-sized portions in future though as this spreading myself too thinly will only result in things not going as well as they could!

Wedding nightmares

Are nightmares about things going dismally wrong at your wedding normal? I had the worst dream last night!! Oh my word! I have to share it but I first have to give you some background info on the person in my dream:

My mom grew up on a farm and some of the neighbouring farmy-people were a bit, um, well, they were backward. I mean, they had like serious mental problems.
Anyway, so this batty old lady really liked my gran and so my gran was always nice to her and her kids and her youngest kid, who is about 75 now, attached himself to my uncle. He visited my mom and my aunt and my gran now and then too. I shall call him Bob. We called him Uncle Bob out of respect (HA!)

Anyway, so one day, my older cousin, um, I'll call her Betty, turned 16 and Uncle Bob decided that Betty was a dish and so he went to visit her and brought her a present in the form of a portable radio. Betty was like "Cool! Gee, thanks, Uncle Bob!" and we all just thought that he was just a nice, dilly old man. O.k, ja, he ate his own cows with names, etc but he was backward and weird so it was ok. But Uncle Bob had not so innocent intentions, he had the hots for Betty and soon my aunt told his to um, well, to f. off.

Years later, my sister, who was very hot, turned 16 and so guess who came around with a portable radio? Uncle Bob!! So, my mom laughed at him at first until she realised how serious he was. She also then told him to um, to f. off. Disgusting creepy man!

Anyway, so in my dream, my sister decided to get involved in the wedding planning and cancelled our DJ behind our backs and hired UNCLE BOB! He pitched up with one of his portable radios and played some weird old Afrikaans Boere-orkes (very old-school traditional Afrikaans music played with an accordion and banjo) type of music for me to walk down the aisle to as well as for the entire reception! My sister threw all the flowers out and well, ja, it was just awful!! :D

There was some vague something about the bridesmaids being tied up and hidden away too but the details are a little fuzzy.

I am not one of those people who expect the day to be absolutely perfect but going smoothly is always good. At least I can rest assured that nothing that bad would ever happen and I shall think of this dream should any minor glitches stress me out! :)