Monday, September 26, 2011

Hats off to Tam and Hendri

Tam and Hendri were asked to do a slow foxtrot at this years End of year Function for the Maties (Stellenbosch University) Dance Society and no, it's not a rhythm foxtrot done slowly.

I have learnt the basics of Slow Foxtrot and I will admit that although I have danced it a few times, I haven't got a clue what I'm doing. If the person I'm dancing it with doesn't know what they're doing, it's a disaster. If they do, however, I can fake it to a degree.

If you have no idea what a slow fox looks like, have a look at the video. The only difference I can pick up between what they're doing and what we did is the turns, them being on their toes and us being on our heels. But then again, as I said, I'm not actually sure what I'm doing in this dance ;)

Posting the link for now:

Hilarious death metal

This past weekend was my friend's 30th birthday. Her name is Melissa.

Mel wanted to do something fun for her birthday and suggested we go out somewhere where we can dance. Mel isn't into the music they often play at clubs though, she's more into the alternative scene and older music and so she found a club in Centurion that promised to play alternative music.

Upon arriving there, I was most shocked to see that this alternative club was situated exactly where I once was offered a job at a dancing studio but couldn't accept the job as my car had just broken, I didn't have my new car yet and I just couldn't get there. Just as well, I guess they didn't last long.

When we walked into the club, we realised that it was far from alternative, they were playing what is termed as "death metal." It was hilarious! It was some guy standing with a microphone and long hair that needed a serious bout of conditioner and his band each playing different songs by the sound of it, and he put on a deep voice and screamed "Yo yo yo yo yooooooooooo!!" into the microphone and swung his hair wildly. It was most entertaining. You couldn't dance to it barring when the drummer coincidentally played a bit of a cha-cha tempo and then later a swing tempo but it wasn't long and he changed back to taking out his frustrations on the poor drums at un-rythmic intervals.

The entire band needed conditioner actually and they swung their hair around wildly and they probably sounded so bad because they couldn't see their instruments through all the hair. I suggested to Mel that we run up to them and ask if we could give it a try but she wasn't game for that and so I gave the "Yo yo yo-ing" a try in the car on the way home and hey, it's not that hard actually! It just hurts your throat!

So, need some direction? No skills? Start a Death Metal band! It's a form of comedy for sure!

Teddies - Our great protectors

A friend sent the above pic to me a while ago when I told her that I'd changed life insurance policies and they were sending a nurse over to draw some blood for their standard testing procedure.

When I was 4 or 5 years old, I had Encephalitis (similar to Meningitis) and was hospitalised. During my stay they had to do a lumber puncture. This is when they insert a needle into your lower spine and extract some of the cerebrospinal fluid to test for various things or to lower the pressure on your brain (hence the terrible headaches with Meningitis or Encephalitis). So ja, pretty scary.
Generally you lie in a foetal position and while it's sore, it's not so sore you want to die. Being little, however, I was scared and when I saw the needle, I totally freaked out. The dr's then kicked my parents out of the room and held me down while I screamed. It was SORE!

Although it's so different to a blood test or an injection, I'm still really scared of needles. I emailed a few of my friends to tell them how nervous I was and mentioned that I may bring my teddy in to work just for the blood test. I'm sure the nurse will think me insane but I don't care! Teddy is coming with me to work tomorrow!