Friday, August 12, 2011

Cape Town, here we come!

Yay!!! Di and I are heading off to Cape Town this evening to spend the weekend with her family and our friends. I absolutely cannot wait!

I have packed everything from my textbooks for Tam to my Spongebob T-Shirt to 32 gourmet cupcakes (yum yum!) and every single jersey I own. La la la la la la la.

We're leaving work in an hour. Well, actually in 56 minutes :) 55 minutes...

Last night, Fatty's plight continued with her uncovering me while I slept using the blanket to make a bed for her "puppies." I eventually just pulled her to the top of the bed, adjusted the blanket and rubbed her tummy until she fell asleep, head on my arm. It was so sweet and heavy :) I am going to miss her so much this weekend with her little squishy face and purple tongue and thinking she's a kitty.

The dance shop didn't order the "dodgy" stockings in time but phoned me now, when I didn't bring my car in, to tell me that they have arrived. The lady will hide them in the drawer for me until next week :D