Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our first salsa class

Last night Al and I finally made it to our first salsa class. I'd booked and paid for us to go to the full beginners course ages ago but something kept coming up and so we only managed to get to our very first class last night.

Al is not the sort of guy who jumps at the chance to dance, he's far more likely to stand on the sidelines and watch but last night, he had to jump in with both feet.

I was so impressed with him. Despite the bouts of swearing when he didn't get a step right and the warnings to everyone he danced with that he took no responsibility for injuries or loss of toes, it went very well and he even had fun!

It was so nice to have my dancing shoes back on and although the beginners class in very well, beginner, it is still fun to do something with Al and get back into things, albeit slowly.

I absolutely cannot wait for next week's class! :)