Thursday, March 31, 2011


This is posted directly from an email sent to the bridal party and Alan and one or two of the guests out of frustration. Tessa was nice enough to send me some links though and she didn't even get the email! :) Thanks, Tess!

Dear people

I give up! There are too many dress options and I'm so confused and it's just never going to end and I'm stressing and the only help I'm getting is from my friend overseas who can send me a few links but nothing else. Therefore, I will be going naked. But that's not will you. Yes, that's right! Naked. You. Naked. Everyone naked. There! :)

The most awesome things in the world

Firstly, did you know that if you hold in some or other key on your keyboard and simultaneously type "the most awesome things in the world", it will take you straight into the screen that allows you to change your gmail password? Nor did I until now!

I don't subscribe to consumerism, am seldom taken in by marketing but when I find something fantastic, I like to share in my findings with other people in case they too were looking for the exact same thing or maybe even have my suggestion make their lives so totally awesome forever!

O.k, so in no particular order and with no particular section, here it all is:

Makeup - Kryolan. If you're so pale, you're transparent, or even if you're not, this stuff is friggin' marvellous! The foundation has adjustable coverage and is best applied using a wet sponge so that you don't look like a painting. Their powder is weather-proof and you can swim and just dab your face afterwards and your make-up is still in tact. It's non-comedogenic so it doesn't block your pores. It also comes in 300 shades and is more cost effective than any Clicks or Dischem bought product!

Lip-ice - Amilab. This stuff smells edible. It's vanilla fragrance and you just apply it once a day and your lips feel far better and moisturized than they ever have. it's about 3 times the price of normal lip-ice but it lasts way longer because you use less. Hard to find though. It's made by Merck.

Foodie stuffs - Global Wrapps ostrich piquante wrapp. Ostrich is lower is saturated fats and tastes way better than beef. The only catch is that it's drenched with mozzarella cheese which shoots that cholesterol right back up there but it isn't too rich as the peppadews break the rich, fattiness and make it oh so yummy!

More foodie stuffs - Danish feta. I love cheese. I could eat cheese all day. I have no idea what my cholesterol is and quite honestly, I'm scared to find out. Danish feta is not crumbly like Greek feta, it absolutely melts in your mouth and is super creamy. Divine!

Cool websites - I've discovered buying stuff online way after everyone else has and I have tremendous fun finding cool stuff to buy. Two websites I discovered were and
Both do the same thing, they offer huge discounts on food or items and you buy the voucher and book with the relevant place or just pitch up and you get it at like 60 or 70% less than what you would've paid. I've booked two full body massages, dinner for two and now recently, I got the free voucher from Global Wrapps.
There are a few others too but I prefer these two.
I have to mention too for those getting married. Full of great decor and favours ideas.
And lastly, for textbooks

Socks - Woolies super thick socks!

More makeup - Mac's shimmer powder. It doesn't bronze you and make you look orange, just makes you look healthy. Fake health, yes ;)

Hand cream - Nivea anti-age hand cream. Much more nourishing and not greasy and oily.

Face cream - Environ or Salon Care. Salon care is very nice and non-irritating and is very cost effective. Environ is better but not as cost effective.

Checkers Hyper - The best place to buy groceries!

Clarens in the Eastern Freestate - A mini world of art galleries and incredible food and romantic atmosphere and gorgeous, gorgeous scenery. Love it! And only 3.5 hours from Joburg!

Dancing Shoes - The Dance Emporium in Eastgate. They always have gorgeous styles at competative prices.

Lego - Apparently ;)

Um, that's all I can think of.