Monday, April 11, 2011

Many, many things each too short for their own blog

I'm including the above link because a. A friend asked me to for whatever bizarre reason and b. I also used to have very knotty hair as a child.
Can somebody please send this girly some decent conditioner?

Secondly, I went to the wedding expo this weekend with Alan. Yes, he came along. Half-willingly too!
What I was there primarily for was to get dress ideas, look at wedding favours and possibly pick up a tip or two about our centre piece decor. We spent about 2 hours there and in that time, we found one place that had some great decor ideas in our colour scheme and that was all.
On the way out however, I purchased an awesome wedding magazine which cost less than us getting into the expo and had so many ideas and so much advice that it was a whole expo on it's own!

The third thing I want to blog about is how naughty Fatty is. She is so naughty in the most deliberate sense that if you could ground a dog, she would be grounded.
I ran around like a mad person this morning, making myself late for work, chasing after Fatty because she'd grabbed Diana's toy giraffe and Di was on the point of tears. We managed to save the giraffe and it just needs a little stuffing and some stitching, a good wash and it'll be as good as new.

The fourth thing, something I read a while ago but which came to mind again for no particular reason this morning, was how people treat other people badly and then the treaters treat the treatees as if the treatees are such evil, terrible people because they are riddled with guilt and can't face what they have done and so instead, they lash out. Sad but true. Don't fret treatees, you didn't do anything, the treater is just a git :)

The fifth thing is that I think that psychologists are just awesome! All it takes is one little appeal on Gumtree for a free tutor for the material we're all struggling with a little and voila! They come running. Why? Because they all have a deep sense of empathy. Love it!

The sixth thing is that I have super nails. I discovered this last night and again a few minutes ago. A few months back, they were tearing and brittle and breaking and now they're so superly strong that I accidentally took a small chunk out of Alan's arm last night as he brushed past me and heavily impacted on my nail. Also now, I accidentally scratched the dry wall by accident and left marks in the paint. Oops. Gotta love those vitamins!

And the very last thing I want to blog about is how Alan's pyjama pants were in the wash and he wanted to run to fetch some water and so I threw my spares at him and said, "here, they might fit you". They didn't. They were black satin pyjama pants and they never quite made it all the way up and I was almost in tears from laughing. Luckily he doesn't read this or else I'd be giggling with my pyjama pants on the street! ;)