Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Of batter-ing and battering

There is some lovely Fairy Cake mixture sitting in the kitchen cupboard at home and I have yet to make it. Every time I see it, I am always in the middle of doing something else and don't have time to make them.

It does however send me on a cupcake fantasy for days on end and drives me to the point of doing anything to get my hands on a cupcake of any nature. All it takes is one and then I'm fine. Just a mini-fix of cupcake and I'm sorted.

The battering refers to a crazed woman I have had the displeasure of meeting once. She claims that her ex husband hit her. He didn't. She's just crazy and jealous of his new girlfriend. I don't encourage violence of any sort but I can't help thinking that it would be fitting if I made the batter for my Fairy Cakes and then gave him the bowl to pour over her head. That way, she could indeed claim to have been battered! ;)

My hypocritical poem for vegetarians

I am not vegetarian. There are certain things that I don't eat and I understand the benefits of cutting meat out but I also understand the detriments and so, while I don't eat meat every night, I will never give it up completely. I also admit to licking my lips in delight when passing the ostriches near home. Num num num...

So this poem is sort of like promoting vegetarianism and was written to put a little smile onto a vegetarians face should they ever feel the urge to eat everything in MacDonalds. Oh, I cannot take credit for the first line, it's taken from a group on FB called "No dog should be beaten" but it is what inspired the rhyming:

No dog should be beaten
No chick should be eaten
No piggy put into a stew;
No fish should be quartered
No lamb should be slaughtered
Don't eat anything that said "moo"

For meat makes you fart
And is bad for you heart
and will cause you to die very young;
But veg make you stronger
and help you live longer
That said with no cheek in tongue

And tofu is great
'long with veg on your plate
It will make you all the more thinner;
If you cut out all meat
and watch what you eat
You will start to feel more like a winner