Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When boredom hits and there's no escape...

Please note: Content not suitable for sensitive or delusional readers.

It's getting late and I'm with Al at his office.

Before I was given access to a pc and the net and before I remembered that I had my mp3 player in my bag, I tried to keep myself entertained with interesting and amusing thoughts and occasionally I implemented a few.

They were along these lines:

- I tyed Alan's hair in tiny pigtails with different coloured hair elastics. Fun very briefly but it didn't last long and they were out.
- Alan's boss has the same colour complexion as a raw pork sausage. I pictured a frozen pork sausage with Alan's bosses face on it. It would blend so well that you would just believe that the pork sausage had a face. This made me want to laugh out aloud but I was forced to withhold my laughter as it would be rather awkward to explain, especially with Alan and his boss sitting in the same room.
- I imagined putting all sorts of weird things next to Alan in the bed when he's asleep and photographing them and putting them on Facebook. I've done one already; a wooden zulu head. Made it look like he was snuggling up to it. Not on FB yet though.
Did the same with my mom and a nectarine a while ago.
- I sat and chose a body part (this can vary every few minutes; bum, elbows, ankles, etc) and pretended that everything that they spoke about was about that specific body part. We did this in high school and it's very juvenile but when you're very bored and very tired, you'll be amazed at what you find entertaining.
- I drew a whole lot of veggies with faces and arms and legs and labelled them "Alan's lunch" on the back of his directions to his client.
- I imagined writing a blog post on why people really join internet dating sites but thought that I know too many people on internet dating sites who might read it and be very, very offended. Which they probably are moreso now having read that without any explanation. Perhaps one will follow one day.
- I remembered how fun it was to run away from the maths lecturer at college while he chased after us screaming "HEY!!" and eventually escaping by aiming the portable sprinkler at him.
I decided to write a post on ways to entertain yourself when you have no escape without thinking it through and without being in any sort of creative mood and it resulted in this.