Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ramblings while waiting to go home

my husband now thinks he is gay. Story over.

O.k, not really, that was typed by him. Not that he's confessing, he's more like, um, well, he's just saying random nonsense because he thinks it's funny. I suppose that was the point of this blog in the first place. Anyway, it made me think of something fun to do, if my friends will humour me that is.
I have two friend, o.k, no I meant two friends but if you read that with a chinese accent, it makes sense... with their own blogs who are really into fashion. I'm not really into fashion, I like clothes, I like some clothes that are fashionable but I'm more a "I must be able to wear it in 3 years without thinking "What on earth was I thinking?!"" kind of person, but I do understand that fashion appeals on a very deep level to many people so I'm going to beg my dear friends to write a guest post on fashion, or on something particularly fashionable right now.
One of my other friends is very interested in dancing and she too has a blog, mainly about gaming and the cookie-monster. She'd be most unimpressed if her cookie-monster started appealing to other people so maybe she shouldn't write about him and just stick to the gaming.
I have another friend who loves to climb who was going to start a blog but never did and so I'll ask him to write a post about climbing.
I'll ask a few other friends about odds and ends that they're really into and see what we come up with.
I shall do one on "awesome bathrooms" or "The down side of corn chips" or even "What happens when you don't brush your hair for two days and wear a cap instead."