Thursday, October 6, 2011

The same thing for ages

I'm a follower of this one blog, not any of the ladies, and man alive, I want to pull my hair out. It's a really funny blog and I really enjoy reading it but it's hardly ever updated. I've read about dogs and horses and complications and country songs about cats for ages now.

I used to be friends with this guy. In fact, he was a very good friend for ages but we lost touch and he became angry about stuff and now I follow his blog to sort of keep up to speed with how he is but it doesn't help when the posts are few and far between.

C'mon you person who blogs! Write summing else. I can't be the only person who goes to your blog to read your hilarious posts! Give us something new!


Hello Mel!! This is a post all about Mel. Mel is a person very Mel-like. Not typical of others who go by that name but of the true way Mels should be.

Mel wakes up every morning and teaches her ducks and chickens a new aerobics routine so that they never get fat enough for anyone to want to eat for Christmas dinner.

Mel has long, browney-blondey-red-ey hair which she uses to keep people in line. It's very long and very thick and makes for quite a potent keeping-in-line tool.

One day Mel was driving home and thought that she saw her friend being beaten up on the pavement. So she jumped out of her car and ran towards the perpetrators with the pitchfork she kept on her front seat, and then she saw that it wasn't her friend at all but complete strangers and so she looked at them and said "Carry on." She used the pitchfork because she'd just been to the hairdresser.

K, bye Mel.