Friday, July 22, 2011

The Ultimate Compromise

Some men just have it in them to jump onto a dance floor and look terrific. Some don't but do it anyway. But some just refuse to dance at all. Al is one of these people. Now while he swears blindly that we are doing a dance at our wedding that we'll rehearse and look good doing, I have yet to see him practice.

He either pretends to be sleeping, says that he'll do it later or is super nice to me in the hopes of getting out of it. I never force him and I've even given him the option of not doing the first dance ourselves but he insists that he wants to.

So, I did a little research yesterday and found a solution, which he has now agreed to... I have found dancing lessons that are held at a pub! Not just any pub, Alan's favourite pub! I could not believe it! It truly was the ultimate compromise! We start on Tuesday :)