Monday, August 8, 2011

"Do we sell stockings?! No, we're a respectable shop!"

This past weekend, Di and I ran around everywhere looking for stockings. You would think that they'd be the easiest things in the world to find but nobody had any! O.k, I'm not being completely honest, we weren't just looking for stockings, we were looking for thigh high white stockings that weren't fishnets and didn't have a little red cross at the top like those dodgy nurses outfits. You know, just plain white thigh high stockings. They are not easy to come by, let me tell you!

We started off running around into Woolies and Edgars and then into some underwear shops where we soon discovered that asking for thigh high stockings was like asking where we could register to be prostitutes; We got all sorts of filthy looks and found our search for these stockings leading us to more and more dodgy shops.

Have people not heard of dress-up? I don't mean a weird sort of dress-up, I mean like innocent dress-up. Like your outfit would look so cute complete with the thigh high white stockings for a particular occasion, not just general walking around the house or the mall.

I finally phoned a dance wear shop, as per Tam's suggestion, and they will have them in for me this week, before we head off for Cape Town.
The lady at the shop did pause for a full 20 seconds though when I asked "Hi, do you sell thigh high white stockings that aren't fishnets?" Maybe I'll wear a disguise when I buy them seeing as it's such a "filthy thing" to buy. Um, lady , you're selling them to begin with :D