Monday, May 9, 2011

"I'm just not looking for a relationship right now"

This line makes me very angry. It has been said to many women and men and it usually means "I just don't like you enough to commit to you but hey, if you wanna just have some fun in the meantime, then that's ok". O.k, it could also mean "I've just been dumped or have just dumped someone and I'm a mess right now so no, rather not, thanks" but all too often, it's the prior.

One of my friends met a guy a while back and she is absolutely smitten with this man and he has such a nerve to use her and then treat her as if he's the victim when she brings up any sort of commitment. She has good values and won't do anything over the top with him but to her, kissing is serious and should be reserved for someone who has feelings for her.

She recently saw him again and things seemed different, as if he was more interested in being with her but alas, it was nothing more than a farce.

I am so angry with this man and I haven't even met him!

How can a man in his 30's say "I was hurt a year ago and now I can't move on! Plus, what you're feeling is all just your hormones and not actual feelings. You should take out these hormonal spouts on anyone you can find. For me, I drink and I dance and then I take advantage of drunk girls."
Is it just me or does that scream PATHETIC!! Also, dude, you live with your mom. By now, you should've made some plan.

Perhaps, my friend likes him because she has a strong sense of empathy and looks at his little pathetic self and thinks "Poor dude! Maybe he'll see that if someone likes him when they're sober and they aren't a raging hormonal teen, he'll see that all things are possible" but alas, her reasoning is faulty. It's not her fault, it's his.

So, Mr Chopface, this message is for you:

Firstly, cut your apron strings, kiss mommy on the cheek and move out. On your own.
Secondly, she's not 17 anymore, her hormones are fine. If yours aren't, perhaps see a doctor or go to gym.
Thirdly, taking advantage of drunk girls just shows how desperate you are to satisfy your hormonal urges as you can't seem to get anyone who would be willing to do so when they're sober!
Fourth, drinking to drown your pain is the first step in the wrong direction. A direction I personally don't care if you go in but I know that my friend will think so much less of you and it will truly be a big loss to you that the one and only person who genuinely loved you for you, as idiotic and bastardly and chop-ish as you are, (I totally don't get why!) will finally see the light.
And lastly, yes, you were hurt. Let's take a moment to feel sorry for you. O.k, times up. Yes, we all get hurt, we cry, we swear we'll never go there again, we get angry and then we let it all go and MOVE ON. So, poor diddums, get over it!