Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The pallava before work

This morning was very strange. Alan had already gone off to work (he leaves at unearthly hours) and Diana and I were busy getting ready.

I was bathing when I noticed a huge, squishy lump on the base of my one toe. It wasn't like a blister but almost and I was worried that it might be some sort of spider bite and the tiny spider eggs hatching inside and eating me from the inside.

That was it! This needed drastic action. And support. I jumped out of the bath, wrapped my towel around me and headed for the door to find Di to show her my toe.

As I reached for the handle, a giant grasshopper thing was right there. Being super creeped out already by the possible creatures devouring my insides, I screamed and yanked the door open and ran toward Di yelling "There's someone eating my toe!" only to find her coming running to me in tears saying (Names changed for obvious reasons)"Mike blocked my emails on FB! I don't know how he did it but now I can't email him at all!"
She quickly examined my toe and we decided that there was probably nobody actually inside it. Then she helped me to get rid of the grasshopper, I threw some clothes on so that we could go and she could tell me about Mike in the car but I heard her yowling out in pain and rushed to find her with her contact lens dislocated. I found the contact lens in her eye, removed it with her suction and by that time, Mike had unblocked her.

What a morning! We were laughing about it in the car on the way to work. Alan would've seriously laughed at us had he been home.