Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Trying to find the answers

Every now and then, I decide to go and read up on stomach cancer or liver failure or colon cancer or just do a symptom search for what happened to my dad when he died because I don't believe the 2 minute autopsy that we had to get a court order to do and it was done by lazy government employees and Jhb Gen's doctors refuse to speak to me about my dad's medical history and while you may think "But it was over a year ago, just let it go", it's not so easy when you don't have the answers. It's not as upsetting anymore which is why I also do it, because I am able to look and read and remember, without wanting to burst into tears and will hopefully find some answer which sounds more plausible and I will then let it go.

Today was acute liver failure. This seems very possible actually. He took copious amounts of pain killers for the constant pain he was in for his joints and headaches and all sorts of other things. It could've really only been from taking too many of them at once. Those nasty yellow painkillers that taste so vile but work so well? Bad news! Stay away! My gran also didn't look so hot on her death bed and it was also most likely from these painkillers.

So far, this has been the closest I have come to his exact symptoms. Next time I have flu, I'll ask my GP what he thinks.