Monday, December 12, 2011

Last post for the year

I won't be posting anything more until next year as I'll be too busy rushing around planning the last details of the wedding and then enjoying my break with Alan.

It's been such a great year and in the past few weeks, we've had some unexpected additions to our wedding guest list in the form of family I haven't seen in ages and I am so thrilled about it! It really makes our day perfect, even if things go wrong.

Next year is a year of hectic studying for me as I take on some of my second year psych subjects and am contemplating having a second major too. Plus we're planning a big move which is very exciting too.

I also plan to make a "blogging resolution" for next year: To not whinge too much. It annoys me. So here's to happy, interesting and crazy stories next year! Oh, and some wedding pics :)

To everyone out there: Have a safe and happy holiday and a prosperous and exciting new year full of the things that bring you fulfillment, happiness and a lust for life.