Friday, October 14, 2011


Today was a frustrating day for Pieface. Oh firstly, Pieface is an affectionate name for her, I'm not saying her face looks like a pie nor should it be covered in pie. O.k, so today was a bad day for Pieface. She swore a lot. I mean, a LOT.

She was trying to dial a number in Kenya to confirm flight times for some freelancers and she kept dialling the wrong number. She'd slam the phone down, swear and then try again. Unfortunately the phone rang while she was trying to do this and so she slammed the phone down, picked it up again and thought she'd hung up on the caller and swore really loudly into the phone. She was met by silence. Luckily it was a co-worker from the Cape Town branch who started laughing at her.

Yesterday I pulled grey hairs out of of Piefaces's head. I think it all gets a bit much for her sometimes. I think she might go postal. She was threatening to shoot her computer earlier today, where she'd get a gun, I do not know. She also suggested we physically pick up our other co-worker and throw him out of the window because he can be so annoying. I'm not entirely anti that but he looks kind of sickly and who knows if it's contagious.

Tomorrow Pieface is going to swear at me because she thinks she only has to wake up at 1pm but alas, she has to wake up to go out at 9am. I will wear a bullet proof vest and a helmet and maybe a parachute too when I tell her.

Have a good weekend.