Friday, September 30, 2011

New iPhone Watch Me Change Face Application - Awesome!

I don’t usually blow a trumpet about something unless I find that that something is worth blowing a trumpet about but I definitely find this worth making a fuss of.

I was approached a while ago and asked to write a review on the iPhone Watch Me Change Face Application. After giving it a try and having some friends try it too, I have to say, I am most impressed.

Let me give you the “sales pitch” to explain what it does firstly (ahem):

Picture the scenario: You’ve just found out that you’re pregnant! So much to look forward to and teach and show your little one. Wouldn’t it be awesome if one day you could show your child a time lapse video of how they grew in their mummy’s tummy? Well, now you can with iPhone’s Watch Me Change Face Application! It’s a quick and user-friendly application that works by reminding you to take a photo of yourself every day and then puts your photos together to create a time lapse video allowing you to see the growth of your child from beginning to end.

After your child is born, there’s no need to stop there though. You can continue taking photos of your child and create a time lapse video of them growing up.

After your pregnancy, you’ll be wanting to work off that extra weight so why not use the iPhone Watch Me Change Face App to capture the pounds/kilos vanishing off of you? Nothing to keep you motivated like actually seeing the difference over time!
Personally, I’m not pregnant, nor do I have children but that didn’t stop me from watching my eyebrows grow back after my last eyebrow wax! O.k, it hasn’t been long enough yet to see any significant difference but I most certainly can see that they’ve grown. I’ll post the video as soon as they’ve grown enough for you to see me go from “Shaped” to “Werewolf.”

If you don’t wax your eyebrows or you’ve just reached shaving age, the iPhone Watch Me Change Face app is ideal for watching your beard grow or watching your hair colour grow out if you’re prone to dying your hair a fair bit.

What makes this application different from other time lapse application is that it has a unique overlay feature which allows you to match up your pictures from today perfectly with your pictures from yesterday allowing for a smooth time lapse video and not leaving you looking like you’re in some horror stop-motion movie.

So now you’ve got all these awesome videos of your pregnancy or child growing up or your eyebrows growing into bushes and now you want to share it, right? The iPhone Watch Me Change Face App is a convenient way to also share these very special and unique time lapse videos with friends and family through Facebook, Youtube or via email thanks to the integrated social networking.

Overall, this application is a must-have for those who want to capture memories and bring them to life.
Bonus: It’s not expensive at all! Total awesomeness!

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